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Stop chasing symptoms! Myopractic combines deep muscle therapy with posture balancing techniques to align and stabilize the body’s structure. This balancing works with the body’s intelligence, allowing painful compensations to release naturally.

Myopractic® Therapeutic Order

Energetic, Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Posture balancing, Vibrational Release & Energetic Reintegration

Myopractic® Deep Muscle Therapy

Using Myopractic techniques you will realize all the benefits of deep muscle therapy while keeping your hands and body relaxed. Myopractic techniques penetrate deeply, yet gently, into the soft tissue by using the therapist’s body weight rather than muscle strength.

Myopractic® Posture Balancing

Myopractic evaluation identifies the compensations and movement patterns of both functional and anatomical misalignments and verifies these observations with palpation, measuring, and pain-mapping techniques.
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The Myopractic Institute offers advanced training only. We offer the most effective muscle therapy and posture balancing techniques in easy-to-learn formats and at reasonable cost. Choose the types of training that work best for you

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